Manila - Philippines

12th & 13th September 2019

Two Days Conference & Four Workshops

  • Introduction to Python

  • Machine Learning Using Python

  • Advanced Machine Learning Using Python

  • Cloudera " Data Analytics"

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About Analytics Leaders Summit

ENIGMA is back in Manila on the 12th and 13th September 2019 and is bringing together some of the top leaders within the industry recognised for their achievements in the data world, not just in Southeast Asia but also globally. These leaders will be our speakers and will provide a platform to learn and discuss the best practices in Analytics for Artificial Intelligence, The Cloud and Beyond.


We aim to cover nearly all the sectors that use analytics with speakers coming from various leading industries.

Once again, through its speakers and panel of judges, we will deliver the highest quality content and address the most current topics related to predictive customer behaviour through analytics. This will be done with case studies which have proven to be success stories in the market today and showcase what can be done with data in the future. Join us for 2 days of exclusive networking sessions, professional and interactive panel discussions as well as high-level case studies combating the challenges, success stories as well as lessons learnt from the corporate and public sectors using analytics on the 12th and 13th September 2019.


Why You Should Attend?

  • Get a cross-industry view on big issues surrounding Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning etc through real-world use cases, success stories and best practices.

  • An invitation-only meeting bringing together senior leaders and influential figures in the world of Analytics.

  • Exchange ideas and connect with the best minds in the industry with extensive hands on experience in building models and data teams.

  • Sharpen up your skills by attending our pre-& post conference workshops.

  • For those at the start of their Machine Learning adoption journey, learn how to devise effective data strategies from scratch.

  • Over 90% of our past delegates would recommend us to friends within the industry and 87% would come again to our future events.

  • No matter what stage your organization is at, there’s always something to take home from EnigmaCG’s Analytics events.


What to Expect:

Two Days Conference

20+ Speakers, 20+ Topics

Workshops on:

 Intro to Python, Machine Learning in Python, Adv Machine Learning in Python and Cloudera "Data Analytics"

150+ Data Professionals

Panel Discussions

Access to Presentation Materials

Over 15 Case Studies


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