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Our Recruitment Solutions focuses only on Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelliegnce in South East Asia

Permanent Recruitment

At Enigma, our reputation is built upon a shared vision and value statement which can be summarised as the commitment to quality, speed and the ability to attract the very best professionals from across the globe. Our methodologies enable us to meet the exacting needs of our clients through our dedicated team of consultants who understand the technical skills and individuals that you are seeking.


We possess an in-depth knowledge of the full life cycle recruitment process working with clients across a number of sectors including Banking & Finance, Telecommunications, IT, Retail, Marketing & Pharmaceutical amongst others. Our database of skilled professionals stands at over 150,000 and enables us to precisely target the right candidates to meet your needs.



Contract Recruitment

There are a number of reasons as to why clients need contractors – one may be because they do not have the skills required to carry out a specific job or task and hence they need to find staff quickly and efficiently from the freelance market.

Enigma offers a full range of contract services starting with an evaluation of the client requirements to include the potential cost through to processing payments.


Once our Consultants have established your needs we will do what is necessary to ensure we identify suitable candidates in the timeframe which works best for you.


The methods we use will include searching our extensive database of contractors, networking with associates within the industry and advertising.


Once the Candidate has been sourced we will conduct the first line of the interview before presenting them to you. After shortlisting we will arrange interviews, carry out rate negotiation, as well as handling tax and local compliance matters and issuing contracts.



Search and Selection

When recruiting for senior level appointments, where the specific market or product knowledge is highly sought after, search and selection is the only realistic way of attracting the best candidates.


We are able to locate non-active individuals whom we call ‘sleeping giants’ and bring them onto the market specifically for your vacancy. Such an exercise allows you to discuss your opportunity with individuals that conventional recruitment methods will not be able to reach.



Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is when an employer outsources or transfers their recruitment activities to an external service provider. This process allows the organisation, like our clients to rapidly acquire the right people, reduce hiring costs and risks, and allows vendors like us to become preferred HR Consultants to the client.

Enigma’s RPO team evaluates and modifies the recruitment process to deliver high-quality results. The Core to our success is the drive and desire to deliver a tailor-made solution coupled with our commitment to provide expertise, local knowledge and market/competitor intelligence at the right price.


Enigma’s RPO service can be broken down to include:

  • Candidate sourcing

  • Employer brand development

  • Candidate assessment

  • Direct candidate attraction in a short period of time

  • Supply chain management

  • Improved processes – efficiency, compliance, use of recruitment technology

  • Talent management strategiesŸ Significant cost savings


Our solutions won’t just save your business time. Utilising our services at Enigma will drive down the costs of recruitment and raise the quality of people you hire. Enigma will maximise the power of your employer brand and rebalance your supply chain. We will also ensure that every candidate, whether successful or not leaves with a positive feeling – enhancing your brand in the market place.


Our aim is to develop, tailor, monitor and deliver an outsourced solution that meets your need to source and assess talent both efficiently and effectively. We will agree with you from day one on how success will be measured, by working together we will streamline your recruitment business and at the same time hire the right talent for your business needs the right time – every time!

The benefits of using Enigma CG’s RPO service include:


  • Identifying the right talent

  • Reduced time to recruit staff

  • Reduced recruitment and advertising costs

  • Removal of the administrative works

  • Improved retention of staff


In summary, Enigma RPO service provides our clients with operational recruitment outsourcing through total resource management to complete talent management with each phase designed to transform the value of our customer’s resourcing function from measures of operational efficiency to strategic business value.


Payroll Solutions

Payroll is becoming more complex. Providing payroll services in-house with all the recruiting, training and retaining qualified staff is often a bit expensive, a drain on budgets and outside the reach of many businesses. While the task of paying employees becoming increasingly onerous, it is no wonder that many companies look to payroll outsourcing for the answer which is where Enigma can help!


By outsourcing to a payroll service provider you can ensure that all of your staff are paid accurately, on time every time. You can be confident your payroll service will be fully compliant with the latest legislation and regulations.


Payroll service providers like Enigma are expert at providing payroll solutions tailored to how you run your business. Unlike many National and International payroll service providers, we don’t enforce our methods on you. We work with you to get the right managed payroll solution for you. Customer satisfaction is our number one aim and your business does matter to us.


Whether you are already using a payroll outsourcing service or you a looking to use a payroll company for the first time contact us for a payroll solution matched to your needs and listen to what our team of experts has to say and how they have helped many companies face the issues you are currently facing.

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